Our Jewish and Interfaith Cemetery

Congregation Shaara Tfille and Saratoga Jewish Community Center of Saratoga Springs Cemetery


Congregation Shaara Tfille is committed to assisting its members with all life-cycle events, including funerals. We maintain, through the tireless efforts of our Cemetery Committee, the only Jewish cemetery in the City of Saratoga Springs.

For over ninety years, our synagogue has continuously provided Kosher funerals for its members, from our beginnings as an Orthodox congregation.

Over a half-century ago Congregation Shaara Tfille/The Saratoga Springs Jewish Community Center Cemetery was founded to provide for halachic burial for our Conservative congregation.

Plots in the original section of the cemetery are for Jewish burials only. In 2010, additional land was acquired to provide for future needs of the congregation. The new cemetery provides consecrated interfaith plots available to our members and their partners. These plots are clearly separated from the exclusively Jewish section, such that those who were or will be buried with the expectation of being buried among Jews only can meet that standard; while those who accept a standard that permits mixed burials can be buried close to non-Jewish loved ones as well.

The Cemetery Committee works closely with the Saratoga Springs Jewish Burial Society and local funeral homes to provide Congregation members with a funeral that is conducted in accordance with all halachic and Conservative guidelines, including tahara and shemira. Congregation Shaara Tfille’s Rabbi, Chair of the Cemetery Committee and Office Administrator, once informed that a member has passed away, coordinate the requested date and time of the funeral. The Rabbi’s decision is final on all matters related to religious, burial and cemetery practices.

Download our Cemetery Rules and Fees document (.pdf file) which was newly updated in 2023.

Additional information regarding funeral practices and burial plots may be obtained by calling the synagogue office at (518) 584-2370 or by contacting the Chair of the Cemetery Committee.

Saratoga Congregation Shaara Tfille Cemetery